South China Sea: China’s Unfolding Strategic Blueprint for Full - Spectrum Dominance

SCSC - South China Sea has emerged as an explosive regional and global flashpoint endangering the security and stability of the wider Indo Pacific region. This arises mainly from China’s propensity to use force to settle territorial disputes.

Paracel Islands under full military occupation of China and Spratlys Islands under partial military occupation of China coupled with greater maritime operational cruises in South China Sea by Chinese PLA Navy including its Aircraft Carrier are evidence of China’s unfolding strategy of expanded maritime dominance of this crucial Sea. [READ MORE]

[Video] China illegally placed the oil rig in Vietnam's waters

Vietnam Flays China’s Position On South China Sea – Part I

SCSC - The South China Sea (SCS) has emerged as one of the major flashpoints with a host of countries making claims to parts or the whole of the area. The reason behind this dispute is because of the results of a report some years ago that testified that the area contains huge amounts of oil and other resources.

Of the about half a dozen countries making territorial claims, China, Vietnam and the Philippines are three countries that are locked in bitter fights over the area for their claims. Of the three, China is making its greedy U - shaped or nine - dotted line that covers over 80 per cent of the SCS and as such has maritime dispute with Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia. [READ MORE]

Chinese Oil Rig Moved Away From Disputed Waters Off Vietnam

SCSC - A Chinese oil company has completed drilling in disputed waters off the coast of Vietnam and moved a rig that sparked skirmishes between boats of the two countries and deadly anti - Chinese riots in Vietnam.

The HYSY 981 rig completed drilling in the sea off Zhongjian Island in the Xisha Islands, as the Paracel Islands are known in Chinese, on July 15, China Oilfield Services Ltd. said in a statement yesterday. [READ MORE]

US - China relations: Head to head

SCSC - If a get - together of bureaucrats could solve the world’s thorniest political problems, then the US and China would be on a strong footing. Several hundred officials from both countries held a two - day meeting in Beijing this week that brought together almost every branch of their governments.

The US Department of Transport alone was involved in five workshops. The sun even managed to shine, breaking through Beijing’s heavily polluted skies. [READ MORE]

Conference in Washington slams Beijing’s aggression in South China Sea

SCSC - China has become a danger to the stability in Southeast Asia and needs to be told to stop its maritime provocations, according to scholars and policy makers at a two - day gathering in Washington, DC.

At the fourth annual South China Sea Conference of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a major think tank, scholars and policymakers were under no illusion that Beijing would tame its ambitions on its own any time soon. [READ MORE]

Kerry Presses China to Abide by Maritime Laws to Ease Tensions

SCSC - In a closed - door session at a high - level gathering of Chinese and American officials here on Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry urged China to follow maritime law in nearby seas to reduce regional tensions, a senior American official said.

Mr. Kerry called on China to support the creation of a legally binding code of conduct that other Asian nations are considering to enforce rules of navigation and inhibit unilateral actions in the South China and East China Seas, said the official, who briefed reporters on the condition of anonymity under standard protocol. [READ MORE]

U.S Senate Resolution 412 on East and South China Sea

SCSC - The Senate calls on the Government of the People’s Republic of China to withdraw its HD–981 drilling rig and associated maritime forces from their current positions, to refrain from maritime maneuvers contraryto COLREGS, and to return immediately to the status quo as it existed before May 1, 2014. [READ MORE]

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